KIRSH lays huge emphasis by ensuring that its clients are properly advised on the most appropriate products to be used in an efficient manner and making them fully aware of its dosage, application mode and the expected results. This consultancy service is provided free of charge to all our customers by in house qualified Agronomists.

KIRSH engages extensively in the importation and distribution of products through a network of wholesalers. Our technicians and our sales team involve in free consultancy and free demonstration organized in different part of the islands.

KIRSH made a major breakthrough and has become an important partner in the Agrochemical Sector in Mauritius. The company has extensively contributed in redressing recent problems such as Chikungunya (Deugue fever), Bed bugs etc.

The Group has always taken a leadership role in establishing business relationships with internationally reputed manufacturers in U.S.A, U.K, South Africa, China, India, Malaysia, Taiwan to benefit from their latest product developments and technologies.

KIRSH is a member of Crop Life, Mauritius representing Crop Life Africa which is a regional federation embodying the plant science industry and a network of national associations in 30 countries in Africa and the Middle East.


The leading Agro-chemical company in Mauritius

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