Company Founders
The Driving Forces of Kirsh

Girish Audit

Managing Director

Mr Girish Audit is the Managing Director and founder of Kirsh Company Ltd. He has a long-standing experience in field of Agrochemicals. He has been in this line of business for the last 25 years and has contributed enormously in the Agricultural sector by introducing a series of Agrochemical products and extending advice to the planters. He has an established team of qualified Agronomists who constantly liaise with the Ministry of Agriculture and various Authorities to come up with best solutions in protecting our crop. He closely monitors his team to ensure that the latest research and development in the field of agriculture is implemented for the benefit of the farmers’ community at large. He remains focused on the safe use of the Agrochemical products and striving hard to encourage planters to shift to the use of bio-products in the long run. His aim is to provide a healthy alternative to the conventional use of Agrochemical products and to foster a safe environment for consumers.

Thavin Audit

Executive Director

Mr Thavin looks after the proper functioning and operations of the company


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