About KirshCo

About KirshCo
KIRSH CO LTD is a private company founded and incorporated in Mauritius since 1994.

The main activity of the company is dealing in the importation and distribution of Agrochemical products.

Although the barrier to entry in this line of business is high due to the hazardous nature of the products, the company was focused on its strategy to break the oligopoly practice that existed in the market for decades. Presently KIRSH is ranked among the top three.

Agrochemical companies in Mauritius while covering a significant market segment and further aspires to become a regional player.

Mauritius applies strict international norms for companies dealing in the importation of Agrochemical products. Having the right focus, the company continuously engages in research and gets updated on the latest development in the field of agriculture. In so doing, the company has now reached a portfolio of over 100 agrochemical products.

Product research and development, sales, and marketing activities are managed at the corporate headquarters at Royal Road, La Marie, Vacoas, Mauritius. KIRSH has earned its reputation in offering the best possible service / best quality products/ at the best
competitive price resulting in achieving or even exceeding customers’ satisfaction. The company is committed to make continuous enhancements in its quality systems including its forthcoming embarkation in ISO9002.

MAGNI TRADING LTD is the sister company of KIRSH. The company engages in the importation of Agrochemical tools & machineries, equipment for Pest control, Poultry, food processing. It has recently embarked on the distribution of various construction materials including Polycarbonate Sheets for roof.

The leading Agro-chemical company in Mauritius

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