Leading The Industry
Kirsh has been a pioneer in the field of Agro-Chemical Industry for more than 20 years. We believe in innovation and continuous growth
Polycarbonate sheet
Our sheets provides a solid and translucent effect allowing the light to penetrate with better aesthetic visual effect and also has UV co- extrusion process for resistance of yellowing, sound insulation, heat preservation, safe and transparent.
A one stop shop
Kirsh has been a one-stop shop for growers for years, we are proud to be one of the pioneering company in investing and contributing to the growth of our fellow planters and growers who will continue to inspire us for many years to come.
Our Priority
Kirsh's has been a very active member in promoting non-toxic agro-chemicals which are now being used by thousands of consumers. Apart from being an innovating company we put emphasis in the protection of our planet, we are here to stay green.

Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate hollow sheet is a very good combination property engineering material with excellent physical, mechanical and thermal properties having several merits. Our polycarbonate sheets offer a high degree of light.

Poultry Equipment

Our main objective is to help farmers to run their poultry farm successfully. We have a wide portfolio of high quality and latest poultry equipment, which is more user friendly that help to further improve poultry production efficiency.

Pest Control Products

We have the appropriate equipment and products to control all pests whether small or big. The quality of our products is not questionable and our pest control operators are confident in providing long warranties on all treatments.


Chikungunya is a viral disease, which is transmitted to humans by infected mosquitoes – including Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus. In February 2005, a major outbreak of chikungunya occurred in the islands of the Indian Ocean. Our company acted swiftly in providing the appropriate products to control and eradicate successfully the disease. We have been working in collaboration with the Government of Mauritius to ensure that this disease does not get proliferated in the whole Island.

KIRSH aims to be committed to the constant search for leadership, innovation and environmental awareness, satisfying the needs of the market and our customers with quality products and professional services, based on innovative technology. The company continues to increase the skills and living standards of our employees and to create value for our stakeholders.

Our vision is to be a leading company in importing and exporting and distributing agrochemical products, tools and machineries in the Indian Ocean and also participating in joint venture & collaboration to enter new markets. We are affiliated with highly reputed agrochemical manufacturers worldwide to benefit from their high-end research and development in the introduction of latest agrochemical products.

In the wake of Organic agriculture, which is believed to produce significant social, economic and environmental benefits, KIRSH Co. Ltd is “marching towards eco-friendly society through the introduction of Bio-organic products.

Our corporate responsibility is built on a foundation of honesty, fairness to and value-creation for our stakeholders. These stakeholders are our customers and industrial partners, the communities in which we operate, and our investors.

KIRSH commits to:

  • Maintain high ethical standards in all business practices
  • Provide a safe and rewarding work environment to our employees
  • Gain customer trust by consistently offering high quality products and services
  • Promote safe practices for the handling, packaging and disposal or recycling of our products
  • Manage our resources effectively
  • Create value for our investors
  • Solicit and act on feedbacks from our stakeholders

A major concern shared by our stakeholders is the way handle hazardous waste. All waste products are either recycled or treated with the highest environmental standards.

Kirsh ensures that appropriate training is given to its employees in handling and disposing of hazardous products and wastes.

Mr Audit is one of the leading founder of Kirsh Company Ltd. He is also a qualified financial analyst with more than 20 years experience in the Banking sector. The support team of Kirsh Co Ltd comprises of qualified agronomists, marketing experts, technical staffs and financial experts.

Mr Suddhodham Audit, Managing Director

Mr Thavin Audit looks after the proper functioning and operations of the company
Mr Thavin Audit, Marketing Executive


The leading Agro-chemical company in Mauritius

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